Trying Wix, for your webpage fix…


Webpage I’ve created using

In a previous post we took a look into various content management systems. If you haven’t checked that post out yet, feel free to head on over and check the link.  As we know by now, content management systems aid developers in website creation. The post today will cover my experience using Wix.

First off, Wix is great.  It’s very easy to use, and the templates are very attractive.  I’m not the most creative of the bunch, so seeing the many templates available helped jog my ideas of how I wanted my page to be.  The interface is simple and intuitive, which allowed me to design in a steady flow, in turn had me feeling like a design pro.


Mobileview using

Yes, Wix allows you to not only customize and design your page on how it’s to be viewed on desktop browsers but mobile browsers as well.  You can switch in between the two with the click of a button.  This allows seamless transitions in editing the two, promoting a steady workflow.

The verdict..

I feel my experience using Wix to be nothing short of amazing.  It boosted my confidence in my journey in web development.  I encourage you to give Wix a try.  I’m confident you’ll have a similar experience to what I have had.  Thanks for checking out my page.  I hope this helps you in your journey as well.  For your conveniece I’ve added a link to their site.


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