Dreamweaver, my conclusion..

Photo from Adobe.com

Adobe DreamWeaver @adobe.com


Hello, thanks for checking in for the my conclusion on my experience with Dreamweaver.  As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t had much time coding with it, because I’ve been busy researching the in’s and out’s of web design.  Secondly, my trial version expired by the time I attempted to play around with it.


Dreamweaver is a great piece of software.  The fact that it is a WYSIWYG management system is a huge plus.  I believe it has great potential to be a useful tool for developers.  From my limited experience in toying with the interface, it seems pretty capable of assisting the developer in whatever needs.  Feel free to give the trial a swing for yourself.  It’s free and gives you a preview of what’s to be purchased.  I hope it works for you.. Enjoy!!


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