Not exactly fluent in web development, try a content management system (CMS)

So, you have a paid for your webpage or you’re new to web development.  You need to make changes to a webpage or create one.  What options do you have?  A sure fire way to do so is to choose a Content Management System, or CMS.  There are many CMS applications to choose from, that either allow offline systems or online system.  The online system is browser based and  allows more flexibility than the offline version.  So choosing the version is going to be dependent upon what your needs are.

Photo from

Adobe DreamWeaver

CMS’s  like Google Web Designer, and Adobe Dreamweaver are offline systems that have a helpful feature that shows the output/product of you code in real time, therefore they’re referred to as (WSYIWYG) or what you see is what you get management systems.  Here’s a link to some blogs I’ve created that covers my initial experience with both Dreamweaver and Google Web Designer.  These applications offer some great features and can prove to be very helpful in webpage development.  Looking at the differences between the two, they both have a bit of a learning curve or familiarization process to endure, but the latter of the two is open source and free.  Either way, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with either of them.


Photo of Wix Website

Looking at online CMS, we have WordPress and Wix as examples.  Both allow you to access pertinent development info on the fly, because it’s browser-based.  Both systems can be edited via smart phone or tablet with minimal effort or technical knowledge.  This gives them lots of flexibility to modern, on the go and aspiring web developers.  Wix uses a heavy GUI setup that boast extreme ease of us, but lacking in customization granularity.  Both are great choices in CMS, and are heavy used by businesses and consumers of today.

I hope this webpage helps to shed light on Content Management Systems.  Have a great day.



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