Need More Style, Try PseudoSelectors

When looking at web design, there are a lot of elements that make the seemingly impossible, possible.  From animations, floating windows, and streaming videos there are lots of ways to make a webpage standout to have character.  This blog will discuss what I’ve come to learn as Psuedoselectors.

What is a psuedoselector?  Pseudoselectors are CSS elements that allow you to apply a special state to specified style elements.  These attributes are especially helpful when implemetation of character to paragraphs, articles and writings.  They are useful for making certain text stand out.  There are several selectors to choose from to assist in whatever the developers needs may be.  For a list of some available selectors, you can visit W3shools, for further information.  Here’s another helpful link  to a tutorial from  At this site, they provide an instructive, step by step tutorial on this type of selector as well as other CSS selectors and attributes.  I hope this entry helps.  Until next post..  Stay motivated.




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