You can’t find it, “Optimize Your Search” Search Engine Optimization.

GOOGLE IT!!  GOOGLE THAT!!  Face it, we live in an age where all kinds of information available at our fingertips.  What gives us the ability to find what were looking for?  We call them search engines. How do search engines work, they use a number of things, from location, keywords, tags, and some engines like Google use page-rank algorithms.

When you go online to search for something, let’s face it, you’re looking for a solutions.  If you have a service and someone is looking for the services you offer, when they search you want them to find you.  Google, being one of the biggest search engines used, changes its algorithms in a certain frequency.  With that change, the rank in which page results are changes also.  Business sometimes have staff that keeps tabs on the changes and adjust the webpage’s data accordingly in effort to stay high on the rankings.  What can be changed?  Here’s a couple of items

  • Keywords  Figuring which keywords Google attributes to your site and your competition and adjusting them if needed.  You can also can get keyword ideas from customers.
  • Page optimization Being selective in choosing data in your webpage such as the Title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, and the Alt tags can assit in search engine optimization. Posting high quality links to related content helps in optimization also.
  • Networking  Reaching out to bloggers and business partners helps with search optimization.  Having them mention, refer to, or link to your site helps elevate your rank.

These are some ways that will assist in search engine optimization.  Just having an online presence isn’t enough to keep a business thriving.  Getting the attention of prospective clients is a must in business growth and customer diversity.



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