JavaScript Frameworks: A Script of many tongues!

When you access a webpage, more than likely the page you are reaching has a form of JavaScript in it.  JavaScript is a programming language and allows you to program web browsers (client side) and servers(server-side).  It works on well with many modern mobile devices and software.  It promotes the creation of rich interactivity on webpages, whether its animations, visual effects, sideshows and drop down boxes.  With the exponential increase of end-user accessing websites using mobile devices, the used of Javascript is more ideal than its counterpart, Adobe flash.

Being that everyone uses the web for different reasons, and developers developer pages with different motives in place, there are different types of JavaScript frameworks available.  Today there are over 20 different JavaScript frameworks in use to develop webpages.

Ember JS, is a framework designed to allow developers build larger applications.  Its one of the largest open source developed frameworks out there.  Ember drives on URL and is known for its ability to bookmark and share URL’s.  When implemented it allows superior shareability and collaboration.

Backbone JS, is a framework whose primarily designed to give you a simple, yet flexible minimalist set of data-structuring.  Sites like Spotify, USA Today and Trello use Backbone JS as its framework.  It’s very compatible with the other frameworks and can be used simultaneously.

Angular JS, is a framework that works great with designers, as its been described as HTML enhanced for web apps.  Its is centered around using directives to encapsulate data.  Another incentive to Angular is that it has two-way data binding, which allows data syncing.  As with Backbone JS, Angular works well with other frameworks also.

There is no one framework that’s best for all applications.  I hope this blog helps shed so light on JavaScript framework.  In the end, it’s up to the developer to choose what’s best for their application.



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