A glimpse at Web Development

Everything is on the web.  It is everyone’s one stop shop for some of everything.  But what makes all of this work.  How does it all come together?  This blog we’ll take a look into Web Development.

When using a connected device, whether it’s a  computer, laptop or a mobile device such as a smart phone to access the internet/webpages we need a sort of bridge to complete that connection.  This for the most part is generally your web browser.  The browsers have functionalities where it receives and sends information using certain languages and schemes that are generally accepted across the internet.  This language is called Hypertext Markup Language, or simply put HTML.  Through time the language has been improved and changed to where the generally accepted language we use today is called HTML 5.  There’s a component that goes along with HTML called Cascading Style Sheets or CSS.

With CSS, the developer is able to set styles, background colors, text colors, padding and so much more.  CSS is a powerful tool in webpage development.  We generally make our decision about lots of things based on our first look on things.  Hence the expression of judging a book by its cover.  So it’s important to use CSS in a manner that’s effective and conductive to your goals.  Most times picking right colors and word fonts make the difference in the end-user staying to explore your site, or going away because they develop an eyesore.

As mentioned before, end-users use various devices to access webpages.  With those devices having various screen sizes, purposes and resolutions, not every device has the capability or scale to render entire webpages.  With that, there is a solution, the implementation of CSS with media queries.  What’s a media query?  Media query is code that asks information about the device accessing the webpage.  The information is then referenced and based on the instruction, the specified CSS is applied.  Media queries are essential to modern-day developers.  With the great and ever-increasing numbers of mobile devices accessing webpages, many developers create pages with the “Mobile First,” principle in place.  This is a key demonstration as to how much the world of Web Development has changed.

Though brief and generalized, I hope this blog gives some understanding in some areas of the web development process.  Stay tuned for more.


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