Dreamin’ on with Dreamweaver!!

Photo from Adobe.com

Adobe DreamWeaver @adobe.com


It’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with the workings of creating a web page.  I’ve had my initial web design class some time ago, and even since then, things have changed.  So, I’ve heard of Adobe Dreamweaver before, but never used it before.  So, here I am rusty on the basics of webpage design and having my formal introduction to Dreamweaver, in my mind,  I’m going into this thing fingers crossed.

The Experience

What I can say about the software so far is I like it.  It has the auto completion features that are found on Notepad ++.  When using the program, it’s pretty fluid and responsive to my input as it should.  There’s a feature on it that I’ve found to be amazing.  While you are creating your page, there’s a side window that shows a preview of what the output is expected to look like.  I feel that aspect of the software alone is worth it’s weight in gold, it’s very encouraging being able to see your page coming together  as you’re writing the script for it.  It adds a bit of excitement and promotes confidence in the developer having such a feature.  The feature also allows the developer to actively mitigate the chances of error and boost the efficiency in the delivery of the desired “finished product.”

Dreamweaver's preview feature

Image of Dreamweaver’s preview feature

The Verdict ….. (so far)  👍

With all that said, learning with Dreamweaver has been a pretty good.  I’ll continue to use it and post more about what I’ve discovered as I work along.  To anyone looking for assistance of a sort, I’ve found a helpful video series on youtube.  👀👇


Until next post… Stay Motivated!




6 thoughts on “Dreamin’ on with Dreamweaver!!

  1. I agree! The fact that you can view your website as you code it without switching between program and browser is amazing. It saves a lot of time, and like you said, helps to catch mistakes early on in the design process. Keep up the great blog!


  2. I enjoyed the feature where you can look at the coding and the website your making at the same time as your coding. It is very helpful and I really liked it. I’m going to take a look at the Youtube Dreamweaver video also tonight. Thanks for posting that.


  3. I agree that Dreamweaver is a useful tool for web design once you dig into it and learn how to use use all of its features. Being able to see the code and design view is great for catching mistakes early and seeing how the web page you are working on is coming together.


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