What I do for fun…. Working Out 💪



So for this particular blog post we’re instructed to post about something that we like to do.  For me, it’s working out.  Whether it be running, playing, or weight training, I like working out.  I’ve been working out and staying fit since my youth.  I grew up in a household with 3 other brothers, so of course there was a bit of sibling rivalry.  Fitness and sports have always drawn my attention growing up.  My brothers and I were once enrolled in karate at some point and time and that only fueled my pursuits of staying fit, healthy and active.  Later I did some time in the Marine Corps where staying fit was the way of life.  Now, my occupation requires a deal of lifting, pulling and pushing.  Combine that with being a student here at TCC, where I have access to the student center with a gym, basketball court, etc, I’m allowed to continue my pursuits even more.

For anyone who’s interested in starting your own journey to fitness, and health, I’ve found a helpful blog on Nerd Fitness that goes into the in’s and out’s of strength training.  Till next post, good luck on your endeavors, and stay motivated.


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